Several Reasons to Choose Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

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When it comes to your special day, such as wedding or graduation, you certainly want to make sure that you have something special. Well, you can still have something special and yet still showing off your humorous and funny side with funny wedding cake toppers.

Most people think that cake toppers don’t have any significant meaning or importance, but it is a totally wrong thought. In fact, cake toppers can really make your wedding cake look special and different, and you definitely don’t have to worry about making your wedding cake look ordinary, boring, and plain.

Why should you choose the regular flowery cake topper or ordinary name initials when you can come up with funny cake toppers that will open up everyone’s eyes and create chuckles from your guests.

The Reasons to Choose Funny Toppers

There are several reasons why couples want to choose funny cake toppers:

1. They want to show off their humorous side

Instead of being serious and too formal, most couples want to show their funny side that they can be fun and entertaining too. Granted that wedding is an important occasion in one’s life, and that is why most people go serious in this event – in fact, they are going too serious with it.

But if you refuse to go down the same path and you want to show the world that you can still be fun in your own special day, this is the perfect cake topper for you.

2. Funny cake toppers make the cake look different and unique.

Imagine how boring it is when you have to attend one’s wedding and you see the same, regular cake topper on top of the boring white cake. But imagine how different everything will be when you see funny cake toppers that will change the overall atmosphere and air in the wedding.

3. Funny cake topper will make your wedding unforgettable and memorable.

People tend to remember something unique and different, and they tend to forget something very ordinary and simple. After all, when you see the photos from your wedding, it will definitely bring smile to everyone’s face.

As you can see, there are loads of fun reasons why you should go with funny cake toppers. After all, it will be boring if you constantly choose the similar and regular cake toppers, following others’ footsteps.

There are also other reasons why you should go with funny cake toppers:

  1. On the contrary to what people believe, funny cake toppers are actually easy to find. Not only they are available in any cake shops in town, they are also affordable. Funny and unique wedding cake toppers won’t cost you a fortune; in fact, most shops sell such cake toppers around $40 or $50.
  2. Funny cake toppers are made from various materials, so you basically have flexible options. You can choose the edible ones if you are planning on eating them with the cakes. But you can also choose one from acrylic or other materials in case you want to use them as memento and keep them. Some people like to keep the toppers in a special box, beautifully wrapped and displayed in a special spot for everyone to see. It is a sweet reminder of the special day and how fun the day passed by.
  3. The toppers are designed into different styles and types. There are comical figurines, abstract figurines, and real people-look-alike, but with a twist. The themes are various too; you can have funny events while doing your hobbies together, or depicting the special day.
  4. You can have custom cake toppers without even spending a fortune. Of course you are free to choose the already existing design, but if you have an idea of your own, you can talk about it with the wedding cake decorator.

Several Unique and Funny Examples

Here are just some unique examples of funny wedding cake toppers:

Sitting bride and groom. Instead of going with the regular standing cake topper, why not choosing a sitting topper, depicting the bride and groom sitting side by side in a relaxed manner. Whether the topper is holding hands, almost kissing, or simply laughing and talking, this is a certainly unique choice when compared to the regular standing topper.

Busy bride and groom. You can have the bride and groom busy with their phones or even laptops, depicting their professional career and how busy they are. The topper is paired up together, and yet each one is busy with their own business.

Bride and groom on getaway honeymoon vehicles. Instead of the bride and groom standing up, you can have them sitting within a honeymoon car, chariot, or even bicycle. In some unique design, there are even bride and groom going away with their roller blades or skateboards on. It is certainly unique and catchy, and you can’t expect others to have the same idea as yours.

Expecting bride. You can also choose an expecting bride with a bump on her tummy and the groom stands next to her, caressing the bump. This is an ideal option when you are expecting and you want to share it with the world without saying too many words.

Star bride and groom for a day. If you have been dreaming of becoming a star, you can choose a bride and a groom with an elegant pose standing on a glamorous star carpet. You will definitely be a star of the day, so why not making use of it in the cleverest way?

There are still more options of funny and good looking wedding cake toppers that you can choose. You can choose the subtle humorous and funny toppers to the hilarious and expected designs. Keep in mind that funny doesn’t have to be offensive or gross. Choose the smart humor in it and you should be able to make people remember you for a long time. You should talk about it with your partner; decide which topper or design that you want to have.