What Can You Do at Forever Young?

Forever Young Luncheon or General Admission Tickets include your choice of educational sessions throughout the day.

Please note that the Forever Young Luncheon is a separately ticketed event, offering a unique opportunity to hear featured speaker Tal Ben-Shahar present “Choosing Happiness: How small choices can make a big difference.” Stephanie Stahl, CBS 3 and The CW Philly 57’s Emmy Award-winning health reporter, will introduce Tal Ben-Shahar at the Forever Young Luncheon.

General Admission and Luncheon ticket holders enjoy the opportunity to attend Tal’s afternoon presentation “Positive Psychology: The science of happiness.

Be sure to select Luncheon ($200) or General Admission ($24) when you purchase your Forever Young tickets.

Forever Young classes include highly acclaimed speakers, teachers, experts—read about our SPEAKERS HERE!

Read about our SESSIONS HERE—and check back for updates—we’re adding more every day! Program times will be added soon.

Adults of all ages will enjoy a full day of lectures, classes, and workshops at Forever Young.

Program and speakers subject to change without notice.